The Harris County LID Design Guide was approved by Commissioner's Court on April 19th. This document was developed in a collaborative effort guided by the HLWSF. It involved county and city staffs, the engineering, landscape architecture communities and other relevant organizations in the greater Houston area.


This Guide will inform a collaborative permitting process which is designed to expedite permitting of LID-based projects. The objective is to get LID-based projects on the ground in our community without delay. Over the course of the next several years, LID-based project will be monitored and all parties to the development, design, permit, construction and regulatory communities will benefit from valuable on the ground experience with LID in our local conditions. Based on this experience, more formal code and guidelines will be developed.


Another important aspect of this LID Design Guide is that it's adoption by Harris County provides the basis for approval by TCEQ of infrastructure reimbursements for LID-based projects carried out by MUDs.


Harris County is the first county in the State of Texas to adopt such Guidelines and the first local government in the Houston area to take such a comprehensive approach to LID-based project permitting.


Texas LID Manuals & Resources



Harris County LID Criteria


Austin / Pflugerville:

City of Austin Environmental Criteria Manual


Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA):

LCRA's Highland Lakes Watershed Ordinance and Technical Manual includes many of the LID approaches, provides incentives, and includes a spreadsheet modeling approach to design the stormwater system. The Ordinance also emphasizes non-technical LID strategies such as natural area preservation and pre-development planning meetings, which provide an opportunity for staff to identify LID strategies for potential inclusion in the site's water quality management plan. For more information, including a map of the regulated area, please visit the LCRA water program webpage.


Dallas / Fort Worth:

North Central Texas Council of Governments iSWM Program & Manual


San Antonio:

The following document Modeling Change: Locating Opportunities for LID in Urban Areas is an analysis of the Upper San Antonio River Watershed focusing on LID in the existing urban environment. It was prepared as part of a year-long comprehensive landscape planning and ecological design studio in the Department of Landscape Architecture at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. The project developed a conceptual geospatial model to locate priority areas for LID implementation. It also seeks to promote LID in the San Antonio area. While not a regulatory document, it provides an interesting framework and approach for examining priority LID placement within a watershed. Please note this is a very large file and download may take several minutes.


San Marcos:

San Marcos Green Infrastructure - LID Practices



Edwards Aquifer Technical Guidance Manual.

Guidance on the rules that apply specifically to the Edwards Aquifer.


Texas Integrated Report for Clean Water Act Sections 305(b) and 303(d). Formerly called the Texas Water Quality Inventory and 303(d) List.

The Integrated Report evaluates the quality of surface waters in Texas, including concerns for public health, fitness for use by aquatic species and other wildlife, and specific pollutants and their possible sources.


As a result of the 2010-2011 LID workshop series held across several different Texas regions, the workshop team produced LID Guidance Manuals for the regions listed below. The purpose of these manuals is to provide an overview and technical guidance of the various LID techniques appropriate for your region. These manuals are not meant to trump any existing guidance or regulations which may currently exist.


Arlington LID Guidance Manual


Corpus Christi LID Guidance Manual


Lower Rio Grande Valley LID Guidance Manual


Pflugerville LID Guidance Manual


San Antonio LID Guidance Manual


Waco LID Guidance Manual


Nashville LID Manual



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