Educational track presented at the 2014 EPA MS4 Region 6 Stormwater Conference, focusing on Low Impact Development and it's adoption and implementation through out the Region. During the course of the day long session, speakers representing key Texas markets, including Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth, San Antonio and Austin joined speakers from Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma and New Mexico, in giving the attendees an overview of the status of LID implementation and highlight key projects in their areas. The speakers are respected leaders in the LID adoption process in their respective communities and include civil engineers, an architect, landscape architects, a developer, MS4 personnel and representative from an environmental non-profit.


In addition to these speakers, one portion of the program will explore the highly successful LID implementation program carried out by Harris County, where the adoption of LID is being implemented at a pace that is far more rapid than any major metropolitan area in Region 6 and arguably, perhaps faster than in any major metropolitan area in the country. This portion of the program explores process of development and the background behind the Harris County LID Design Guidance which was developed in 2011 and has been the catalyst for the areas surge in LID-based development. Important topics addressed were the reasons behind key decisions, internal concerns dealt with in the promulgation of the rules and the County's view (three years later) of how the rules and the collaborative permitting process that supports them are working out. Further discussion covered how LID is being utilized on public infrastructure projects and how the County feels about these projects, and a host of other thoughts on the LID implementation process in Harris County.


Additional speakers addressed key lessons learned with respect to the issues and processes that must be addressed in the implementation of LID with respect to the Operations and Maintenance of LID Integrated Management Practices. Bob Adair, HLWSF Steering Committee Chair organized was the moderator of this track.


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